What’s Future of Sibelius, the most popular music notation software

By internet standards, this is old news, but despite maintaining less than one degree of separation between myself and the internet during most waking hours, I hadn’t heard about the internet chatter over Sibelius until Frank, our membership officer, recently mentioned it to me. It seems Sibelius, arguably the world’s most popular music notation software is under threat.

In July of 2012 the social media sphere lit up when Avid, the parent company of Sibelius, shut down their UK headquarters and eliminated more than a dozen development jobs as part of a sweeping effort to streamline the company, which has been struggled both in profit and market share. This sparked a torrent of backlash as users panicked over what this meant for the future of the software. Many speculated that the apparent mass-exodus of development talent responsible for avid’s music software, including not only Sibelius, but also the digital audio workstation Pro Tools, signaled a warning death rattle.