5 Reasons Why Students Should Go to Conferences

In my opinion, if one is in library school, no matter their interests, whether they may study archives, public, law, health science, academic, or music librarianship, it is absolutely imperative to go to a conference. Any conference, really! I have had many library professionals tell me this for a number of reasons. I took it to heart, saved money to go, and hiked over to Naperville, IL to take part in the Midwest Chapter Conference of the Music Library Association. I suppose an archivist student should go to the Society of American Archivists and, if possible, every library student should try to make it to American Library Association at least once. But why not branch out? Our field is doing it, and we future music librarians should be doing it, too.

As a student of librarianship, I have many different interests in the field. With my music education background and my passion for music and libraries, marrying the two fields is a dream-come-true for me. My other interests include marketing for public libraries, multimedia, serials, children’s materials, and library instruction. Although conferences from a wide variety of organizations all pertain to their field, many of them branch out into other areas as well, not just different types of librarianship. The MLA Midwest Chapter meeting did just that, and I learned so much from the three days I spent attending the conference. Many people who attended, either as library leaders or just as an attendee were not necessarily musicians or pure music librarians. Some were academic or public librarians working with multimedia materials. Some were fine arts librarians covering a breadth of other disciplines such as art, dance, or photography.